Met Gala Accessories

May 10, 2018

There are a handful of precious mornings throughout the year wherein a girl can break up the routine by signing into to openly judge other people's outfits. They are the mornings that follow upper societal events attended by mostly celebrities such as the Grammys, the Oscars, and of course, the Met Gala! Not only is being judgmental socially acceptable on these glorious days, it's actually encouraged and can also be done as a group activity (read: bond with coworkers). Furthermore, the obligatory judge-sesh bears no impact on your Regina George meter; an excuse to be relentless with your inner thoughts! You can see where I'm going with this, right? I love to diss and dismiss the outfits of my least-favorite celebrities and sing the praises of my most-adored. At KAYDA we are all about accessories, so I want to take the opportunity to point out some of the rockin' accessories donned at this year's event. The theme really lended itself to creativity, so I'm giving kudos to the ladies below. Sorry, I save the negative opinions for in-person discussion only!


Sienna Miller's unique crown and two-tone jewelry caught my attention right away! She looked stunning. My only change would have been adding an updo. It's the MET GALA, for goodness sakes! While searching for this photo, I discovered that great headwear is on-brand for Sienna Miller.  Check out this spikey half-headband from 2013! Where can I buy this amazing relic?



Unsurprisingly, Blake Lively stunned from crown to toe. Her headpiece looks like a handmade piece of art.


We need to talk about Claire Danes' bag. Is that a green feather? What is this thing? I love it! I personally would have opted for something more elegant; the ropes and olive leather make this seem very daytime to me. But nonetheless, it's rad and neat!


Paris Jackson rocked this leather headband... hmm, it looks very similar to our handmade headbands!


Ming Xi's dramatic pearl earrings were also a highlight.


Of course, I loved my girl Ariana Grande's look. The golden bow securing her high pony is magical.


Diane Kruger's headpiece was all sorts of chic. I loved her entire look, actually!


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's basic halo was possibly my favorite of all the halos and headdresses. It was so simple and chic!


This was not my favorite outfit but GIRL is rocking some SHOES! Check out that feather plume! 


Whose accessories were you dying to learn more about after seeing the celeb outfits at this year's Met Gala? Comment below! XO


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