7 Signs of Inner Personal Style

March 13, 2018


I have to agree with Who What Wear when they write, "personal style is an elusive beast at best," but I think it's safe to say that personal style is typically defined by most as a unique look and accompanying attitude. (P.S. Here's their cute article on defining your personal style!) Obviously, we're all about it at KAYDA; you can read right in our mantra that we seek uniqueness and don't want fashion fed to us. But some interesting happenings throughout the past few weeks have lead me to examine what personal style means to me and also to my customers and friends. I think it has many applications beyond appearance. Do any of the following whimsical suggestions apply to you? What do you consider proof of "personality style" in yourself or others-- apart from the visual? Leave your comments!


1. Comfort with alone time

...Or better yet, valuing it! It can seem like our social lives spin a mile a minute because of constant social media updates and the fact that keeping in touch by text or call is easier than ever. (Am I really aging myself here?) Someone who has no qualms about grabbing dinner for one every now and then proves personal style to me.




2. Trust in one's own instincts 

Whether you're shopping with friends and consequently their opinions or meditating on a difficult decision, deep down, you always know what to do from the start. Good instincts are an essential ingredient to personal style. (P.S. I personally prefer to shop alone for this reason!)


3. Embracing change

A different hair style, a new job, a change in relationship status, an unexpected move... Handling change well is a top quality that will serve us positively in life and is healthy for coping in the fast-paced world of adulthood. Someone who can take change in stride is certainly someone who has style-- on the inside.



4. Trying new things

This point is different from embracing change, since change can "happen" to you whereas trying new things is always a choice. Choosing to try something new goes hand-in-hand with a desire to learn and broaden your understanding of this life we only have once chance to live! Who cares if it's trying a new sushi roll or trying to mine blue diamonds in Tahiti? Say "YES" to your next great adventure, great or small!


5. Openness to love

I hate to cast a shadow on this feel-good moment, but an openness to love is also an openness to pain. Welcoming love into your life comes with the understanding that it can hurt you by many different kinds of mistrials. Accepting the possibility of love (towards family, significant others, friends, pets, etc.) shows maturity, honesty, and self-awareness. All of these traits are indicative of personal style.


6. Ability to learn from mistakes 

Someone who can learn from a mistake, apologize (if necessary) and make an inner vow to do better next time has my vote for great style. This ability allows us to improve our lives and the lives of those around us as we go.






7. Confidence

You all know my feelings on this: Confidence is the best accessory. Of course, all six points above are indicative of- or lead to- great self confidence. So my suggestion for those who struggle in this department is to work on the points above and I believe the confidence will follow. I'm not a doctor and have no intentions of handing out unmerited advice, all I can say is that it has worked for me.


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts below! XO,



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