Clutch Craze

January 14, 2018

If you're like me, you form a relationship with a good bag. I just love a massive area to store all my goods (think Mary Poppins.) However, I recently realized that my love for all things beautifully spacious can, on occasion, be replaced with a great clutch or pouch!


A personal favorite... now 50% off! 


Only upon my recent small-bag-enlightenment have I begun to admire the fun beading and awesome shapes that small bags come in. I do know that in fact, it may often take more craftsmanship to make a beautiful petite bag than a large sack for all. I learned this at a young age in the Gucci store. A decade or so ago, I was bargaining with my mother to gift me beautiful Italian bag. I remember being amazed when I pointed to a smaller version of the bag I loved and found out that it costed hundreds more than the large hobo I was gunning for (which I was eventually given... thanks mom!)


 This though... 



My usage of smaller bags started while on vacation last spring. Traveling to Puerto Rico for a wedding, I packed one of my clutches for the night of the event. The only other bag I brought was a large tote that I used as my carry-on. (Unsurprisingly, I had no room in my suitcase for a casual bag.) I left the clutch in the tote and placed all my important documents, debit cards and cash in the clutch to use as a fun, cute wallet. This was helpful for swift movement through security and for easy accessibility. I could quickly grab my card to pay for the drink I always seem to need on flights (I am a nervous flyer!)


The ease of it all was exhilarating. In no time, I started taking cute pouches and casual clutches along on trips. Now I even keep a cute pouch in my work bag for all my essentials. I cut down on all my Mary Poppins items to focus on the essentials in my pouch! The pouch is super cute and beaded and is perfect to take out after work for drinks or a date. It fits my cards, keys, phone, and has some room for anything else I feel necessary. For this year's company holiday party, I ditched my tote at the coat check in favor of my beaded pouch! After the party, I tossed the clutch into my tote I was ready to take the subway home.


Here I am choosing some new bags for Kayda spring 2018... what do you think? 


Kayda's selection of chic miniaudieres and beaded clutches fit my newly-loved category. Plus, how exciting is it they many of their beaded clutches are part of this humungous sale going on?! The colors and designs are a fun pop to the usual black leather satchels and crossbodies I slug around for my city travels. I love knowing there's a cute surprise inside for me holding all my goodies!



Ariel is one of the original Kayda ambassadors. She is made of equal parts kind heart and determination; you can't help but enjoy her company. She lends her sharp eye at trade shows as we choose our seasonal selection. Ariel is an experienced jack-of-all-trades to the footwear industry, with experience in retail, showroom management, and customer service.

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