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December 30, 2017

I read some funny memes on Instagram today that truly made me laugh out loud. One said, "That week between Christmas and New Year's when you don't know what day it is, who you are or what you're supposed to be doing." I couldn't help but smile; how true is that?! So many of us are off of work, returned home from visiting family, and hadn't made any plans this week. I can think of something that will make the week feel more special and exciting: treating myself. I've been purchasing gift after gift after gift since Thanksgiving! Is it finally my turn? Luckily, every store is having major sales to rid their holiday inventory before the spring collections arrive, and we're no exception. Here are some items I consider the best buys of the sale, and why.


1. Winter hats

The holidays may have passed but we have a long way to go until spring temperatures arrive. Our winter hats are 50% off! I particularly think this cutie pie with a confetti-colored pompom is your best bet. The New England atmosphere will continue to look bleak and gray. It's important to add some color to your days, which is proven to induce happiness, if even on a small scale. Also available in gray with confetti pom, black with neon pink pom, or gray with neon pink pom.

 Lightweight ribbed confetti pom pom hat in black: Now only $24.00. SHOP


2. Heart knits

Valentine's Day is the next major holiday we have to look forward to. Whether you celebrate with romance or not, this cozy pullover will stylishly put you in the spirit. One "challenge" of living in New England has always been the freezing temps on V-Day. It's such a bummer not to be able to wear a sexy dress to date night, or to dread heading to your outing because it's so cold out. I see no better reason to skip the sexy ensemble than to go with this cute knit instead. Also available in gray with black heart.

Lightweight heart knit sweater in snow: Now $75.00. SHOP


3. Phone cases

A steal is a steal. All of our cute and function phone cases are now under $12.00! How can you resist? We carry phone cases for iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus.

Multiple styles of phone cases: Now $11.00, $9.00, and $8.00. SHOP MARBLE SHOP GLITTER HEART SHOP WINK



4. Smooches statement clutch

Who's headed to a tropical paradise soon? Vacation season is among us! Lucky you if you're heading to the Bahamas, Florida, or another elite destination. Nothing says "I'm fun" like this bright clutch adorned with head-beaded smooches! It's the type of clutch that is so special, you'll never have to fret about matching it with anything. These are my absolute favorite kind of accessories: They speak for themselves!

 Multicolor smooches beaded clutch: Now only $26.00! SHOP


5. Hand-dyed scarves

Similarly to what we wrote above about hats, winter isn't going anywhere for a while, so it's a great time to treat yourself to a fabulous scarf. These have a beautiful texture to observe close-up, and they're uniquely one-of-a-kind. The quality is so apparent and precious. I own this black shibori scarf and I wear it tightly doubled around my neck under a winter peacoat. Then, I break it out again in the spring/summer to wear it loosely draped over a simple tee shirt. There's nothing better than all-season versatility. Also available in the "holi" pattern in light pink, fuchsia, or brown.

 Shibori scarf in black: Now 50% off. SHOP


I hope you feel confident about giving yourself a little prize for all of your generosity this holiday season. P.S. Thank you to those of you who made purchases throughout the holiday season; each purchase equaled a pajama donation to your local Cradles to Crayons organization. CHEERS!


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