2 week update and a peek at what's arriving soon!

September 15, 2017

I. love. you. all.

...for such a fun and successful first two weeks open! The support I've gotten has been so rewarding (and I don't just mean $upport, I mean love!) Your kind words expressing enthusiasm for the shop, asking about what's yet to come, and falling in love with the items we already have just as I did when picking them out has been an amazing pleasure.


Starting a business is like entering a cave with no flashlight on a dare in front of all your friends. You do it because of curiosity and possibly an ego that's eager for a challenge. You believe with gusto at first that you can handle it. Perhaps even that you can handle it easily. After a simple few initial steps, you're actually in the cave. And with your proverbial friends out of sight, you begin to encounter uncertainly, fear, and quite a lot of, "why the hell did I do this again?" Still, the curiosity and challenge of the experience keeps you there. By this time, you've realized the possible outcomes:

A: You let the fear that keeps saying "this journey isn't worth it!" win, and run out of there screaming. Or,

B: You come across something ethereal. A gorgeous crystalline oasis is revealed. It is beautiful.


You, friends, are why I'm leaning toward option B. THANK YOU!


Down to business:

You already know that our website is in "soft launch" mode, which means we're not fully stocked and are waiting for much of our awesome merchandise to arrive. (But we were too excited to hold off, since our KAYDA basics are here along with some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces that needed to be seen ASAP.) Sooo... anyone curious about what's to come?



1. Headband/choker/belt combo: We can't wait for these amazingly gorgeous pieces to arrive. Sorry, no pics yet! But look forward to a fun tutorial on how to style these versatile pieces.


2. Luxe faux-fur neck warmers with a 100% silk scarf tie that you can use to fasten your scarf or remove to wear alone. They're pretty darn cute.


3. Those SWEATERS you've been l-o-v-i-n-g on Instagram! We're working with an amazing company that employs Balinese women on sweater looms to create an ethical socially-conscious line that produces no overstock (this is seriously astonishing) and the sweaters are to-die-for cute. They're oversized and cozy enough for fall/winter, but light enough for summer nights. Here are some of the ones we ordered:

4. EVEN MORE amazing hand-beaded clutches. All of our clutches (so far) are made by talented artisans in India. You're going to go gaga for the styles coming this month. We're getting a heart shaped minaudiere (hard box clutch) in two colors and a winky face! Ah!

5. Lastly: Yes, I know what you're wondering. When are those GORGEOUS stacking rings arriving?! Fear not-- they'll be here in the next week or so! We. can't. wait. either.

Hope you enjoyed the update--






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