KAYDA is made of equal parts artistic value, social consciousness, and entrepreneurial spirit.  Founder Kaylie Abela is an artist and currently a professional marketer. Formerly, she was buyer for a footwear and accessories boutique in Boston. Missing the "art" of selecting specialty accessories, she knew there were plenty of women out there who want unique and lovely items, selected with emotion.


This type of curation has become less accessible due to the rise of online shopping and big department stores that keep #winning over small businesses. Kaylie thought this presented an interesting opportunity to fill the gap with a website that offers specialty items, so customers can enjoy the ease of shopping online while knowing they are still finding wonderful merchandise and supporting a small boutique business. KAYDA launched in the summer of 2017.

Since KAYDA developed from a strong desire for more interesting items than chain stores can provide, we do our best to support handmade or unique goods that exude luxury. And wherever possible, we choose to sell goods from other female entrepreneurs, designers, and/or business owners.